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2019.02 Started to provide NVC Cloud WAF Incapsula Service
2018.08 Started to provide CB Defense security Service
2017.02 Became the Distributor of Versa Networks
2017.02 Became the Distributor of Darktrace
2017.01 Changed the settlement term from January through December to April through March
Became a wholly owned subsidiary of NS Solutions Corporation
2016.12 Delisting
2016.11 Started to provide NVC RedSeal Service
2016.08 Became the Distributor of Carbon Black
2016.05 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
2016.03 Started to provide NVC USM (Unified Security Management) Operation Support Service powered by AlienVault
2016.03 Became the Distributor of RedSeal
2016.03 Became the Distributor of vArmour Networks
2015.10 Became the Distributor of Tom Sawyer Software
2015.09 Awarded International Standard Organisation (ISO) 27001 Certification from the British Standards Institution (BSI)
2015.05 Started to provide NVC ThreatSTOP Service
2015.04 Became the Gold Partner of FireEye
2015.03 Increase of capital: 381,493,550 Yen
2015.02 Started Array Networks Training Center
Became the Distributor of NSFOCUS Japan
Increase of capital: 381,291,550 Yen
2014.11 Increase of capital: 372,403,550 Yen
2014.10 Started to provide NVC Private SOC (Security Operation Center) Operation Support Service
2014.09 Became the Distributor of ThreatSTOP
2014.01 Became the Distributor of G-Smart
2013.10 Became the Distributor of NoviFlow
2013.08 Became the Distributor of NIKSUN
2013.07 Started FireEye Deployment and Operation Support Services
2013.05 Capital and Business Alliance with NS Solutions Corporation
2013.04 Became the Distributor of Nutanix
2012.11 Started to provide NVC Video Conference Cloud Service
Dissolved Sable Networks Corporation
2012.07 Became the Distributor of Guidance Software
2012.02 Became the Distributor of VSS Monitoring
2011.12 Began sales of FireEye's products
2011.06 Became the Distributor of CLEALINK Technology
2011.02 Became the Master Distributor of Scality
2010.09 Started to provide Nabbix monitoring service
Became the Distributor of Cell Technology
2010.05 Increase of capital: 366,981,550 Yen
2010.02 Acquired PAX Co.,Ltd., a provider of IP-based BGM service
2010.01 Established a subsidiary company, innoqos corporation and acquired DTV division from Broad Earth Incorporated
2009.12 Became the Distributor of Vidyo
2009.09 Became the Distributor of Datacom Systems
2009.08 Became the Distributor of Solera Networks
2009.03 Became the Distributor of Arista Networks
2009.02 Sold Japan Moblie Platform Co.,Ltd.
Sable Networks Corporation became 100% subsidiary of NVC
2009.01 Sable Networks Japan changed the company name to Sable Networks Corporation
2008.12 Sable Networks Corporation became unconsolidated subsidiary company
2008.09 Established a subsidiary company, Sable Networks Japan
2008.08 Established a subsidiary company, Sable Networks Corporation in Tokyo
2008.06 Became the Distributor of Xsigo Systems (acquired by Oracle)
2008.04 Certified with Quality Management System ISO 9001;2008
2007.11 Increase of capital: 366,759,550 Yen
2006.11 Acquired Japan Moblie Platform Co.,Ltd from IIGA Co.,Ltd
2006.09 Became the Distributor of Century Systems
2006.08 Increase of capital: 366,609,550 Yen
2006.06 Became the Distributor of Imperva
2006.05 Increase of capital: 364,934,550Yen
2006.02 Increase of capital: 350,934,550Yen
Became the Distributor of Loglogic (acquired by TIBCO)
Became the Distributor of Isilon Systems (acquired by EMC)
Became the Distributor of Crossbeam Systems (acquired by Blue Coat)
2006.01 Started NVC Managed VPN Service
2005.12 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange's Mothers
Increase of capital: 343,459,550Yen
2005.09 Osaka office moved to the current location
2005.08 Increase of capital: 207,459,550Yen
2005.02 Became the Distributor of Huawei-3Com Technology (acquired by HPE)
2004.06 Became the Distributor of IRONPORT SYSTEMS (acquired by Cisco Systems)
2004.01 Became the Distributor of Infoblox
2003.12 Increase of capital: 90.46 million Yen
2003.07 Became the Distributor of Aruba Wireless Networks (now Aruba Networks)
2003.06 Became the Distributor of Ellacoya Networks (acquired by Arbor Networks)
2003.04 Became the Distributor of Fortinet
2002.12 Increase of capital: 74.46 million Yen
Changed the settlement term from April through March to January through December
Merged NetSource Corporation, 100% subsidiary of NVC
2002.06 Became the Distributor of Array Networks
2001.02 Became the Distributor of Netscreen Technologies Inc. (acquired by Juniper Networks)
2001.01 Sold AVM (a related company) to Sansei Kogyo.
2000.08 Partner agreement with River Stone Networks
2000.06 Became a distributor of FibroLAN
2000.02 Started outsourcing services at NetSource Corporation
1999.12 Opened Tokyo office in Shinagawa
1999.01 Acquired Ascii VM corporation, a distributor of CPU and Microsoft OEM products from Ascii and Ascii VM changed corporate name to AVM
1998.10 Increase of capital: 44.46 million Yen
1998.08 Increase of capital: 41.5 million Yen
1997.11 HQ Office moved to the current location
1995.04 Increase of capital: 30 million Yen
1994.10 Became the Master Distributor of Olicom
1994.07 Increase of capital: 16 million Yen
1993.04 Became the Master Distributor of Siemon Company
1991.09 Became the Master Distributor of Banyan
1991.07 Increase of capital: 8 million Yen
1990.12 Became the Master Distributor of North Hills
Increase of capital: 5 million Yen
1990.09 Became the Master Distributor of MBA
Opened head office
1990.04 Founded Network Value Components Ltd.
Became the Master Distributor of MuxLab and NevadaWestern